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What is the difference between the Adobe Education Edition and Student / Teacher Edition software?

Student and Teacher Edition
Only full-time or part-time students or teachers enrolled with a public or private university, or TAFE college, that grants degrees requiring a minimum of two years of full-time study or students enrolled fulltime in state or private secondary schools (or primary schools) are eligible to purchase Adobe student software.  Non profit organisations/charities are NOT able to purchase Adobe student software.  Adobe does require proof of academic status for product activation (eg. a student id card). Adobe student and teacher software can only be used for non-commercial purposes. You may continue to use the student software for non-commercial purposes after you graduate. Please click here to visit Adobe's website which has all the details about qualifying as a student or teacher.

Education Edition (also known as academic edition)
Adobe educational software can be purchased by educational and charitable institutions. Charitable institutions no longer require pre-approval to purchase Adobe educational software. Please click here to visit Adobe's website which has an extensive list of organisations who do and do not qualify.

  Adobe Student Software Adobe Educational Software
• Who can purchase the software? Students and teachers Academic institutions and charitable institutions
• Is it a box product or electronic license? Box Electronic Download (Installation disks can be purchased separately for $35)
• Is the serial in the box? No Yes
• Who do I have to submit academic proof to? Adobe Advance Software
• How many computers can I install the software on? 2 2
• How many users can use the software? 1 1
• Can the software be used for commercial purposes No Yes
• Can the software be upgraded to a commercial edition in the future? Yes
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