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Kahootz 3

Kahootz 3

With a range of exciting new features Kahootz 3.0 provides students with even more ways to create amazing stories, inventions, habitats, games, movies and soundtracks.

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Product Description

Kahootz 3.0 Logo
With a range of exciting new features Kahootz 3.0 provides students with even more ways to create amazing stories, inventions, habitats, games, movies and soundtracks.

Kahootz Soundtracks
Create your own multi-track soundtracks that can include imported sounds, your own voice and over 250 new Kahootz sounds and extended atomosphere tracks.

Kahootz 3.0 Sound Timeline

New 3D Objects and Worlds

With over 200 new 3D Objects and 25 new Worlds Kahootz 3.0 provides more cultural diversity, scientific possibilities and subject related possibilities.

Kahootz Scene

Kahootz Effects

Special Effects
Students will be able to create and control 3D natural effects such as fog, snow, water, fire, and electricity.
Animate effects and lighting to show weather conditions, fog, smoke and smog as well as sunrise to sunset.

Kahootz Game Making
Game Making Actions
Advanced Action functions will allow for a greater level of interactivity providing more game-making possibilities and a higher level of engagement for older and more gifted students.

Choose from a list of effects such as fire, water, goo, cells.
Integrated Movie Exporting
Greater level of integration of the movie export function to allow students to easily create digital video that could be combined with innovative blue-screen techniques.
Easy pre-set exports for computer, player, web/email or dvd.
Movie export options

Swatch your Face onto a Kahootz Character
In response to your requests, the Kahootz Team have brought you a new character named Blockhead. You can import your photograph and swatch it onto the moving Blockhead character. We have also created animated faces for blockhead.

Swatch your face onto Blockhead

Kahootz Prehistoric Scene

Animated Giffs
Import animated giffs into your Swatch library (up to 12 frames), this will give the illusion of a movie playing within your Kahootz scene.
Kahootz Interface
New Interface
The interface has been re-designed for Kahootz 3, allowing an easier experience for the user. The same functions are there but functions such as Tools - drop, clone, copy and sizing are now on the top level.

Kahootz 3.0 - Benefits to Schools
Kahootz 3.0 will provide both primary and secondary schools with more enhanced functions that would enable a greater level of engagement for a broader age-range of students.

The key benefits would include:

• The introduction of authoring action variables will significantly advance the possibilities of Kahootz as a game-making tool and provide a far greater level of interactivity. This will enhance its potential in the areas of Mathematics, Science and ICT.

• The increased cultural diversity of the Kahootz 3D library of Objects will provide LOTE and SOSE teachers with greater opportunities to integrate Kahootz into the curriculum.

• Addition of a greater range of historical Objects will allow students to recreate more History related scenarios. A greater range of food and health related Objects will also allow students to create various Health and SOSE related scenarios.

• The ability to record a student's voice directly into Kahootz 3.0 and import various language sound files will enhance its use substantially in the LOTE area.

• The ability for students in English activities to record their own narrative to match the actions of the Kahootz characters.

• The ability for students to create and control 3D natural effects such as rain, snow, water, fire, and electricity will enhance its use in the Science, Environmental and SOSE areas.

System Requirements

Recommended requirements for Microsoft Windows Users     
Pentium III or better
1 GHz or above
Windows 2000 or above
512 MB RAM, 5GB Disc, recommend 600MB free space on the Hard Drive, 20x CD-ROM drive
32 MB or more of video RAM compatible 3D graphics card
DirectX version 9 or newer with a compatible and current "second generation" 3D graphics card
16 bit graphics card 16 bit setting ( High Colour ) 1024 x 758 resolution
Direct X 9c Compatible Sound Card

Recommended requirements for Apple Macintosh Users  
eMAC or better
800 MHz or above
OSX 10.2 or above
512 MB, 5 GB disk
Recommend 300MB free space on the Hard Drive
32 MB or more of video RAM
OpenGL 1.2.1 or newer
16 bit (Thousands of Colours ) setting, 1024 by 768 resolution)

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