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Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional 4.0

Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional 4.0

Microsoft Expression Web Professional 4.0 includes three professional applications; Expression Web, Encoder and Design. Microsoft Expression Web Professional 4.0 allows you to capture & prepare high-quality video and create & edit Web graphics.

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Product Description

Three professional applications for one great price

Expression Studio 4 Web Professional includes a complete set of professional design and development tools for creating modern standards-based Web sites, streaming video, and Web graphics. It includes three professional applications that work together: Expression Web, Expression Encoder, and Expression Design.

Expression Web + SuperPreview
Microsoft® Expression® Web gives you the tools you need – PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, visual diagnostics, cross-browser debugging features & sophisticated CSS design capability – to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites.

Expression Encoder
With Expression Encoder, encode a wide array of video file formats or screen capture your PC. Make simple edits and enhance your media with overlays and advertising. Choose from a range of player templates and publish rich media experiences with Microsoft Silverlight.

Expression Design
Microsoft® Expression® Design 4 is the perfect companion to Expression Blend® or Expression Web. Leverage existing artwork or use drawing tools to quickly build vector assets with their fidelity maintained throughout the entire design-development workflow.

System Requirements

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