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Quicken QuickBooks EasyStart 2011/12

Quicken QuickBooks EasyStart 2011/12

Accounting software designed for first-time users needing a simple accounting solution. Straightforward and practical tools make it easy to manage all essential business tasks.

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Product Description

The simplest way to manage sales, expenses and customers

If you are a small business and a first-time user of accounting software, QuickBooks EasyStart is right for you. EasyStart uses language that everyone can understand, so you don’t need special accounting knowledge.

Create invoices and sales receipts

Professional invoices take just minutes to create and send. QuickBooks EasyStart then tracks payments so you know what has been paid and what is overdue. When you write a cheque or pay a bill the expense is automatically recorded – QuickBooks EasyStart keeps track of it all, so nothing should fall through the cracks.

Easy to get around

All the tools and information you need are displayed on an intuitive home page divided into three simple categories – Money In, Your Business and Money Out. Arrows guide you through each step and there is always help close at hand. With QuickBooks EasyStart there’s no need to read an instruction manual – it’s simple to set up and easy to use.

Track GST and prepare for your BAS

QuickBooks EasyStart automatically calculates any GST that you collect or pay as you enter transactions. When it’s time to lodge your Business Activity Statement or GST 101 Report, simply run a Tax Liability Report and you’ll have all the figures you need for the Tax Office.

An ‘always on’ Audit Trail

The ‘always on’ Audit Trail makes it easier for your accountant to spot possible trouble spots or mis-postings in your accounts.

QuickBooks Google Desktop Search

QuickBooks Google Desktop Search now indexes your entire data file making it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Portable Company File

A Portable Company File is a compact version of your company file. Small enough to be sent by email or saved to a portable drive, it can give you the flexibility to work on your file in different locations.  

Backup your company data automatically

Reckon Tools Backup† makes it easy to backup your important company data file. Seamless integration with QuickBooks means your company data file is automatically backed up helping you to keep your business data safe and secure.
† Reckon Tools Backup is an additional product that can be purchased separately. Prices start from $29.95 per annum or included with Reckon Advantage.

System Requirements

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