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Quicken QuickBooks Enterprise 2011/12

Quicken QuickBooks Enterprise 2011/12

This accounting software is a premium enterprise business solution that allows access by up to 30 users simultaneously and includes comprehensive reporting features, industry specific editions, multi-company reporting as well as being multi-site enabled to manage business growth.

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Product Description

Your business is evolving, why let your accounting software package stand in its way? QuickBooks Enterprise 2011/12  allows simultaneous access by up to 30 users; maintains records for more than 1 million list items, and has advanced inventory control, user role security and customised reporting so your accounting software can grow with your business.

Some features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2011/12 include:

  • Multi-site and multi-company reporting
  • Operate with up to 30 simultaneous users*
  • Specify billing rates for employees and clients
  • Comprehensive payroll management
  • Help comply with Paid Parental Leave Scheme
  • Monitor business performance with over 100 reports and graphs
  • Receive product updates, upgrades and unlimited weekday technical support
  • Integrated Reckon GovConnect BAS Lodgement
  • Straight forward tracking of tax and GST
  • Automatically track inventory items in different units of measure
  • Designed specifically for your industry
  • An 'always on' Audit Trail
  • Effortless Wildcard search
  • Portable Company File

The complete list of features can be found at the new QuickBooks Enterprise 2011/12 website 

*QuickBooks Enterprise includes 10 licences. Maximum simultaneous use is 30. Additional licences required for 15, 20 and 30 users.

Reckon Tools

With this powerful portfolio of integrated financial solutions, Reckon Tools can expand the capabilities of your accounting software with online data-backup, credit card payment systems, streamlined cash flow and superannuation compliance solutions.

More information on Reckon Tools

System Requirements

*Windows Small Business Server 2008 requires 4GB RAM. Windows Small Business Server 2003 is not supported.

Integration Requirements

Multi-User Requirements

** Not all versions of Windows VistaTM/7 are supported. Support is provided for Windows VistaTM Business and Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

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