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Quicken QuickBooks Premier 2011/12

Quicken QuickBooks Premier 2011/12
Industry-specific editions incorporate tools and reports to meet your specialised needs, while fast multi-user capability and performance increase business efficiency.

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Product Description

Comprehensive payroll management

All payroll information is centralised and available at your fingertips in the Payroll Centre. From here you can perform all payroll tasks, drill down to previous payroll transactions, enter time for all employees in a single window, create and schedule payments, email pay slips to your employees, store employee existing and past superfund details and even split their pays into multiple bank accounts.
The inbuilt security safeguards and information messages allow users to edit or void past payroll payments without the need to recalculate entire pay cheques while the Detailed and Streamlined Payroll Summary Reports helps make end of period reporting and analysis effortless.
QuickBooks Premier integrated payroll will save you time and money by avoiding duplicate data entry and will help you avoid hassles associated with incorrect payroll withholding.

Comprehensive employee record management

Record detailed employee information such as leave, wages, promotions and contacts using the Employee Organiser Wizard, as well as produce sophisticated summaries of your employees’ details and history. By storing your important employee information in one easy-to-access location you can better manage your employees and improve business efficiency.

Share data with up to 5 simultaneous users*

QuickBooks Premier increases efficiency by allowing up to 5 users to work on a company file at the same time. Smart security features can restrict access to confidential financial information, to help you control access to your data. * Three licences included, additional licences required for up to 5 multi-users.


With QuickBooks Premier you can record, track and account for foreign transactions regardless of the currency used. Tracking these foreign-currency transactions is as easy as selecting the foreign customer or supplier from your list; QuickBooks Premier takes care of everything else.

With multicurrency, you can also set up a fixed foreign price for items, or enter prices in your home currency and then have QuickBooks Premier calculate the foreign price based on the current exchange rate. The home currency refers to the currency that is used in the country in which your business is located.

Automatically track inventory items in different units of measure

You may buy the same item in one unit of measure, stock it in another, and sell it in yet another. QuickBooks can automate the conversion from one unit of measure to another as the item moves through your business, helping you avoid costly mistakes. That means you can buy and sell products in precisely the way your suppliers and customers prefer.

Monitor performance and analyse key projects

Job cost tracking is an extremely important part of a business. Job costing means tracking the expenses for a job and then comparing those expenses to the job’s revenue. This tells you which jobs are making money and which are not.

Job costing can also help you estimate more accurately. Estimating may be the most important - and most difficult - part of running a business. But unless you compare your estimated costs to your actual costs after the work is complete, you have no way to know if you are estimating too high or low, and no way of improving your ability to estimate in the future. The QuickBooks job cost reports make it easy for you to compare your estimated costs to actual costs.

Monitor business performance

More than 100 reports and graphs can be generated within the Reports Centre to help you keep a close eye on your business. With just one click you can also drill down into reports to find detailed financial information. You can even convert the report into a PDF file for email, so the recipient views the report just as you see it in QuickBooks.

Increased efficiency with advanced tools

Save your business undue costs by utilising QuickBooks email functionality. Invoices, statements, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, sales receipts, adjustment notes and reports can all arrive on your suppliers’ or customers’ desktop within minutes. There is no need to separately track your contact lists - you can easily synchronise your contact information with Microsoft® Outlook.

Backup your company data automatically

Reckon Tools Backup† makes it easy to backup your important company data file. Seamless integration with QuickBooks means your company data file is automatically backed up helping you to keep your business data safe and secure.
† Reckon Tools Backup is an additional product that can be purchased separately. Prices start from $29.95 per annum or included with Reckon Advantage.

Superannuation compliance

QuickBooks integrates seamlessly with Reckon Tools SuperLink by incorporating a Super Fund Identification Field that links to a comprehensive list of Australia’s superannuation funds; providing you with an easy way to managing your Super Choice compliance and superannuation payments.
*Reckon Tools SuperLink is an additional product that can be purchased separately. Prices start from $110 per annum for 0-5 employees.

Designed specifically for your industry

Install QuickBooks Premier and select from industry-specific editions that offer specialised tools, features and reports unique to your industry. Whether you’re an accountant, contractor, professional services firm, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or non-profit organisation there is a specific edition tailored to your business needs. QuickBooks also includes 21 industry specific Chart of Accounts, so only accounts relevant to your business are included.

An ‘always on’ Audit Trail

The ‘always on’ Audit Trail makes it easier for your accountant to spot possible trouble spots or mis-postings in your accounts.

Work more efficiently with your accountant or bookkeeper

The Accountant’s copy of your company data file allows you to work more collaboratively with your accountant, with a dividing date that clearly delineates which periods are for your accountant to work in, and which are for you. QuickBooks also allows you to perform a bank reconciliation – even if your Accountant is working on your file.

QuickBooks home page

All key tasks and functions are available within a few clicks of the home page with the Customer, Supplier, Employee and Report Centres. You can also customise how information is displayed in each of these centres. Plus control access to your confidential account balances with the QuickBooks’ Hide/Show preference. Simply switch your Account Balance previews to “off” to help ensure only you have access to your business’ confidential account balances.

Customise and re-size displays and the appearance of your desktop

QuickBooks now works even harder for you as you can customise and re-size displays, reports and workflows. The company desktop can also be customised by each user. You can customise colour and content, and arrange toolbars and icons to suit the way you work.

Work faster with QuickBooks

Quickly and easily clean up data files so you can increase transaction processing speed.

Reckon Tools

This powerful portfolio of integrated financial solutions expands the capabilities of your accounting software with online data-backup, credit card payment systems, streamlined cash flow and superannuation compliance solutions.

System Requirements

*Windows Small Business Server 2008 requires 4GB RAM. Windows Small Business Server 2003 is not supported.

Integration Requirements

Multi-User Requirements

** Not all versions of Windows VistaTM/7 are supported. Support is provided for Windows VistaTM Business and Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

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