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Quicken Retail Point Of Sale Lite 2011/12

Quicken Retail Point Of Sale Lite 2011/12

Designed for start-up retailers requiring a simple to use point of sale solution. With comprehensive integration to QuickBooks QBi series accounting software, Retail Point of Sale Lite provides more than point of purchase management, it also offers features to manage sales, inventory, customers and accounting.

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Product Description

Point of Sale made easy

Retail Point of Sale is a computerised cash register designed with tools you need to ensure sales are processed quickly, giving your staff more time to spend with your customers.

Seamless integration to QuickBooks® QBi series

A retail solution is not complete without seamless integration to QuickBooks® QBi series accounting software. Retail Point of Sale has seamless integration with QuickBooks® inventory, customer accounts, sales assistants and chart of accounts. Choose from QuickBooks® Accounting, QuickBooks® Plus, QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier or QuickBooks® Enterprise.

Manage customer laybys

Offer your customers the flexibility of laybys, and manage the whole process within Retail Point of Sale. You have the ability to keep track of your layby customers, items on layby as well as remaining balances on layby accounts.

Manage your stock with ease

Retail Point of Sale manages all types of inventory. You can track sales and stock on hand for a particular item. Advanced functionality includes the ability to track service items, group items e.g sell as a kit, or purchase and sell in different units of measurements e.g. buy a case or sell as a 6 pack. Or perhaps you need to track sales by units of measure* such as kilograms, metres or litres.

*Units of measure only available with QuickBooks Pro QBi series, QuickBooks Premier QBi series and QuickBooks Enterprise QBi series.

Create as many touch buttons as you need

Retail Point of Sale supports advanced touch screen functionality, you can create as many touch buttons as you need and even choose your own colour scheme and size.

Recall transactions from any terminal

Put multiple transactions on hold at one time, add a message to the transaction, such as a customers name and recall from any terminal.

Label design and print software included

Retail Point of Sale includes a comprehensive label design and print feature, built into the software. Design your own shelf labels, advertising cards, barcodes for products or loyalty cards. The choice is virtually endless.

User and Role based security features

Retail Point of Sale security features help you manage sensitive transactions such as refunds and discounts by enabling you to create user roles and privileges for your employees, ensuring user access and security of your business is tracked and maintained with ease and complete control.

Supported hardware*

Receipt Printers
Barcode Scanners
Cash Drawers
Customer Displays
POS Keyboards
EFTPOS Terminals**

*You should check compatibility before purchasing any hardware.
For a full list of supported hardware, go to

**Additional charges may apply

System Requirements




The Retail Point of Sale range operates within both Windows XP Home/Vista Home Basic/Vista Home Premium/7 Home Premium single machine environment, however it does not operate within a Windows XP Home/Vista Home Basic/Vista Home Premium/7 Home Premium networked environment.

Ensure you consult the latest list of confirmed point of sale hardware compatible with this current version of Retail Point of Sale, see the following for more details:

* 64 bit only support with Windows 7
** QBi system requirements are higher then POS. Please ensure
that you make a note of these prior to installing your software.
The system requirements for QuickBooks® QBi series can be found in the QuickBooks 2010/11 Startup Guide.

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